Saturday, June 2
Ingram Connor Community Center, Noon - 2pm

Conscious Capitalism

“An introduction to resources and best practices to build an ethically responsible brand, and be profitable while doing it!”

In an influential and growing portion of the economy, socially and environmentally conscious business practices have become prerequisites for doing business, not an additional competitive advantage. A company that doesn’t disclose their sourcing, manufacturing processes, labor practices, ingredients, environmental impact and more, will lose out when a customer has the option to choose an alternative that does. If you are the lone offering in your category (I challenge you to think of one) and still do not, someone will come along and do what you do, but cleaner, safer, and while supporting communities. In short, better. Fortunately for the small brand that doesn’t know where to begin, there are amazing companies and organizations that have blazed a trail and are here to show you the way.

Panel speakers

  • Corey Scholibo, Repurpose, Inc., Co-Founder & CMO

  • Ted Lichtenberger, Humboldt Legends, CEO

  • Chris Cohen, Sustainable Law Group, Attorney and Co-Owner

  • Chris Smith, Humblemaker Coffee, Co-Founder

  • Richard Thornton, Patagonia (1% For The Planet), Environmental Coordinator

Moderator: Skyler Greene, Candy Mountain Collective, Creative Director


Saturday, June 2
Ingram Connor Community Center, 3pm - 5pm

Sustainability and Beyond

“How the sustainable businesses of today becomes the regenerative business of tomorrow.”

By now we should all know that fast fashion isn’t cheap, it only appears cheap because the true costs have been offshored: negligible wages, child labor and slavery, hazardous working conditions, and environmental pollution, to name a few. The costs of these manufacturing practices goes way beyond their immediate effects on the worker and the environment. A worker that can’t afford to eat can’t afford an education, for them or their children. Generations are born into a system with no exit, life in a factory the only inheritance awaiting many children in the world. This is slavery with a thin veneer of self determination. Our environment is a closed system: what does it matter how clean the water is in New York if they are dumping chemicals into the water in New Delhi? (Many news reports have compared the water in Flint, MI, to that of developing countries, when in many instances Flint’s water would be a step up.) Many of today’s largest and most popular manufacturing companies have benefitted from this system of exploitation. But a growing number has turned away from it, and are actively seeking ways to fix an industry that, by some accounts, is more harmful to the environment than the entire oil industry. These companies are labeled as “sustainable.” We have gathered a number of these brands at Desert & Denim to discuss exactly what it means to be sustainable, what the future looks like for sustainable manufacturing, and if being sustainable is enough.

Panel speakers

  • Paul Dillinger, Levi's, Vice President, Head of Global Product Innovation and Premium Collection Design for Levi Strauss & Co
  • Audra Giampietro, Avery Dennison RBIS, Senior Graphic Designer
  • Iris Alonzo and Carolina Crespo, Everybody.World, Co-Founders
  • Nellie Cohen, Patagonia, Worn Wear Program Manager

Moderator: Jordan Nodarse, Reformation, Head of Denim Design and Special Projects


Sunday, June 3
Ingram Connor Community Center, Noon - 2pm

Precious Resources: How to best use limited resources to help save the our number one resource, the Planet.

“While the forces threatening the environment seem overwhelming, technology, coupled with traditional grassroots activism, is opening new avenues for involvement and increasing individual impact.”

While many Americans feel outrage at a what they see as CEOs and elected officials choosing corporate profit over public health, they also feel dispirited and powerless to change an entrenched system. In your opinion, what is the best use of a person’s resources in the fight for the health of our environment?

Panel speakers

  • Sarah Friedman, Sierra Club, Senior Campaign Representative

  • Hall Newbegin, Juniper Ridge (CalWild board member), Founder

  • Michael Mora, Mojave Desert Land Trust, Outreach Manager

  • Jacqueline Guevara, Joshua Tree National Park Association, Executive Director

  • Mark Larabee, Pacific Crest Trail Association, Associate Director of Communications and Marketing

Moderator: Lauren Tackbary, Sierra Club, Partnership & Media Marketing Manager


Sunday, June 3
Ingram Connor Community Center

Hat & Beard Presents: Desert Landscapes and the Creative Mind

Artists in conversation about finding inspiration in the unforgiving landscapes of the desert. The desert stimulates one to reconsider their existence, the desert is a place of fruitful growth, shrouded in the extremes of harshness. Only the willing is able to thrive, being forced to be resourceful and creative in order to survive. The desert is a metaphor for the creative process because it allows one to examine existence, shift a reality, challenge and push the mind to psyches that evoke emotion. 

A conversation with

  • David Black, Photographer
  • Brendan Pattengale, Photographer
  • Brian DeRan, Western Desert Studio, Ceramicist

Moderator: Jessica Hundley, Writer and Editor


Musical Happenings

You can be sure there will be surprise performances, random guest musicians, breakout jam sessions, killer DJ sets and more. This is Desert & Denim, after all. Stay tuned for more additions. Get your Saturday and Sunday event passes here.

Saturday, June 2nd


Beer Garden - Open mic acoustic stage and DJ sets all day.


7pm - 9pm          Eric Johnson (Fruit Bats) and Johnathan Rice (Beer Garden )

9pm - midnight    WAXY, Zig Zags and Howlin Rain (Ingram Connor Center )

Sunday, June 2nd


Beer Garden - Open mic acoustic stage and DJ sets all day.


9pm - midnight    Victoria Bailey, King Corduroy and Rob Leines (Ingram Connor Center )

Midnight Movie - Heartworn Highways (Ingram Connor Center )


Get Crafty

All workshops and demos are free. Space is limited, so sign up early and be at the Workshop Tent 15 minutes before the start of your class. Detailed schedule and registration details coming soon. Get your Saturday and Sunday event passes here.

  • Desert Sun Prints
  • Hand Sewn Denim Repair
  • Hand-Made Pottery
  • Indigo Dyeing
  • Leather Working
  • Rag Rug Sewing
  • Natural Plant Dyeing
  • Tintype Photography
  • Screen Printing
  • Surfboard Shaping
  • Wildcrafted Essential Oil Distillation
  • Hand Embroidery
  • Hat Making
  • Tea Ceremony
  • Guided Star Gazing Walk
  • and more!

Grip It & Rip It

Join the hellions of Iron & Resin as they lead a group motorcycle ride over plateaus, through canyons, and past Joshua Tree forests all in the vast landscape of the Mojave Desert. Fuel up with joe from Humblemaker Coffee before gassing up the bikes and ripping across the High Desert. This will be a leisurely ride. All types of bikes are welcome (except the kinds that break down every 10 miles). Route details are coming soon, but don't count on there being a place to fill up your tank before returning to Joshua Tree. If your bike has a peanut tank, make sure you bring extra fuel, in a proper storage container. You will need a Desert & Denim Sunday pass to join this ride. Get your Saturday and Sunday event passes here.

Sunday, June 3

9am -9:30am    Meet at Desert & Denim's main gate

9:45am            Kickstands up

11am               Return to Desert & Denim