Desert and Denim is on a break.

Details about our next event are coming in 2020.


L     OW         DO   W N

Everyone who comes to Desert & Denim — from the upstart makers to the veteran craftsmen, the curious neophyte to the fanboys — are all looking towards the same horizon. They refuse to contribute to a source-blind, disposable, consumer culture. They are concerned with story, authenticity and a deep connection with their own style.



Desert & Denim is a festival for entrepreneurs, artisans, and idealists. Our partners blaze trails, create opportunity and inspire others to do their best work.


We've grown exponentially since its first gathering in 2015, both in size and in scope. A turnout of 12 brands has grown to 100. The weekend now stretches over three days and four nights. Live music is still central to creating the Desert & Denim vibe, and now you can attend lectures, panel discussions, workshops and demos. Additionally, we are capping off the festival with an outdoor movie night. This year, an entire day is devoted to partner-only symposiums and events — including a poolside cocktail party to ease into the weekend.


We know bigger isn’t always better. In 2018, our goal is to build growth on top of a foundation of community.



The community comes alive after dark. Each night of the festival we will be hosting official Desert & Denim events so you can socialize and build relationships in a relaxed environment.

This year we will be hosting all events on the festival grounds: A pool Party, a pysch music show, a country funk jam, a movie night and more.


W: Cocktail Pool Party (Private)
W: Joshua Tree Swim Club
W: 06/01/18 | 7-10p



W: Saguaro Sounds
W: ingram connor center
W: 06/02/18 | 9p-12a



W: country funk
W: ingram connor center
W: 06/03/18 | 9-11p



W: midnight movie
W: ingram connor center
W: 06/03/18 | 12p